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Our Plumbing Services In Melbourne

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Our Plumbing Services In Melbourne

Plumbing Services

Blue Diamond offer a range of plumbing services in Melbourne and inner suburbs. We are on call 24 hours a day to help you with emergency plumbing. We can also help with renovations or new installations and we have a plumbing maintenance service to check over your property regularly.

Blocked drains, toilet or sewer

Fast response for emergencies. Drains can become blocked due to deterioration, collapse, cracking, intrusion of roots into pipe, flushing of foreign objects and incorrect installation.

We use electronic pipe location and electronic blockage location, which can considerably reduce time, cost and disruption when fixing blocked drains. Melbourne is notorious for unpredictable weather, so it is important to fix blocked drains fast.

Blocked roof gutters, downpipes or stormwater drains

Unlike sink drains or sewer, these blockages may not be obvious until they have done extensive damage. Light or moderate rain may not overload the system, but when a big storm arrives you may get flooding inside the house from blocked gutters or downpipes, or floodingplumbing repairs and maintenance outside the house from blocked stormwater drains. To reduce the possibility of extensive damage, cost and inconvenience, annual inspections are recommended.

Blocked water supply

When you notice loss of cold or hot water pressure, check whether only one outlet is affected or all outlets have low or no pressure. Call our 24-hour emergency plumbing services for a fast response.

Flooding (burst pipes, backed up sewer or stormwater)

Fast response to flooding inside or outside of house due to burst supply pipes or backed up sewer or stormwater. We will determine cause, fix the problem and also clean up the overflow and muck.


Connections to mains for water and gas supply.

Hot and cold water

Repair or replacement of hot and cold water pipes, taps, mixers, shower fixtures, sinks, baths, dishwasher and refrigerator connection, water purifiers

Dripping taps

Fast repair or replacement for all types of dripping or leaking taps.

Banging pipes

This is usually caused by one or more of the following: insufficient clips, washer-less taps, spring loaded taps, solenoid valves on washing machines, or excess pressure in the system. This can be quick and easy to fix, or expensive depending on the cause and ease of access.

Water pumps

Repair and installation of water pumps. We recommend Onga or Davey pumps.


Connection of washing machine and troughs.

Loss of hot water in the shower

When someone turns on the hot water tap, you lose your hot shower. This can be reduced by a) larger supply lines b) endless loop supply c) pipe insulation. These variations add to the cost of an installation.

Hot water service

Repair or replace hot water service. Replacement units are sized to your estimated usage and set up to heat the water at off peak rates. Units can have from 2 to 10 years guarantee from the supplier.

Solar hot water

Solar hot water units have a backup, which can be gas or electric. Existing hot water storage units may be utilized when a solar unit is installed. As a general rule evacuated tube systems are more efficient than flat panel systems.


Replacement or repair of boilers in commercial establishments

Roofing (metal, laser light & fibreglass roofs)

Repairs of all leaks and damage to metal, laser light and fibreglass roofs.

Gutters & downpipes (repair or replacement)

Gutters should be inspected and cleaned out at least once per year. It is important that the contractor does not damage the gutter with the ladder during cleaning and that he is certified for height work. There are a number of products that help to prevent build up of leaves and debris in gutters and downpipes. We recommend Gutterguard.

Gas appliances & gas supply

Our tradesmen are qualified gas fitters and we install strictly to code. By law, gas connections must only be done by a qualified gas fitter to avoid the risk of fire, explosion or carbon monoxide poisoning. Gas appliances should be checked for leaks by a qualified gas fitter at a minimum biannually – call us to schedule a safety check.

Note: we do not do repairs of gas appliances.

Air conditioning

Installation of split system air conditioners. We do quality installations of split system air conditioners, increasing the longevity of the system and minimizing repairs.

Note: we do not do repairs of air conditioners.

Bathrooms (baths, showers & spas)

Repairs of bathroom taps, mixers, showerheads, and spa systems. Installation of new baths, showers, spas, basins and cabinets.

Toilets & bidets

Repair or installation of toilets, all types including standard, in-wall (concealed cistern), wall-hung, close coupled, traditional high level, traditional low level, skirted, connector, and toilets with integrated basin.

Low flush water saver toilets

Low flush water saver toilets are recommended for all new houses. On old houses if sewer lines are in good condition and are installed to code, water saver toilets will function correctly and save water.

Sustainable plumbing

We have been installing water tanks for 32 years and Solar Hot Water Systems for 15 years.

Talk to us about Solar Hot Water Systems, Heat Pump Hot Water Systems, rainwater tanks, grey water systems and black water systems.

We also install low flow taps and shower heads, and low flush toilets.

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