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Plumbing Emergency? Follow These Steps Now.

A water pipe has burst and your house is getting flooded. The toilet is blocked and is now overflowing. The sink is bubbling something disgusting. These are just a couple of scenarios that will have you calling your plumber’s emergency hotline right away.

The ideal reaction, of course, would be to keep your head and remember to call for some emergency plumbing. Melbourne customers, just like most people may be unable to always think straight under pressure, so some of them may choose to take a different and potentially detrimental route. Some might try to remedy the situation themselves, whereas others might call somebody they know who may have a little bit of knowledge about plumbing. These are not the recommended measures in that kind of situation.

What to do in an emergency flooding situation

When there is a plumbing emergency, Melbourne home or business owners must remember and heed the following steps:

  1. First and foremost, do not panic. Call your emergency plumber right away. You can apprise him of the situation so he can advise you on what to do to keep it from getting worse and causing further damage. As your plumber heads over to your house, you can take the succeeding steps while you wait for him to get there.
  2. Take care of your electricity, Depending on the layout of your house and the kind of damage involved, you may have to go to your mains box and turn off your power or at least isolate it in certain areas. In case your electricity is definitely involved, you will also have to call your electrician.
  3. Take care of the water source. If you can, go to the mains and turn it off.
  4. Stop the water from spreading to other parts of the house. Try to stymie the flow with towels. Block its entry into other rooms with even more towels.
  5. See to your furniture. Once you’ve taken care of your electricity and the water, you can then focus on saving your things. Your wooden furniture will need to be moved out of the wet room to prevent warping and other damages.
  6. Be patient and wait for your plumber. Do not try to fix the problem yourself. It is very possible that you will end up making it worse. Leave the job to somebody who knows what he is doing.

A plumbing emergency can go from bad to worse if you fail to have some presence of mind and take the recommended steps. Make the correct move by calling your plumber right away.

For more emergency information contact these authorities:

SES: Victorian State Emergency Service.
Emergency Services: Triple Zero.
Local Governments: City of Melbourne, City of Port Phillip, City of Stonnington.
Water Authorities: VicWater, Yarra Valley Water.
Severe Weather Updates: Bureau of Meteorology.

And give us a call for emergency plumbing services.