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When It Comes to Roof Plumbing in Melbourne, Quality Matters

In a city like Melbourne, which can experience heavy rainfall and unpredictable weather, effective roof plumbing is especially crucial. Regular inspection, maintenance, & repair of roof plumbing systems help to prolong the life of the building, prevent costly repair work, and maintain the safety of the property.

Roof plumbing, also known as stormwater plumbing, primarily focuses on managing the water flow from the roof of a building. This includes designing, installing, and maintaining systems to collect and dispose of rainwater. Key components of roof plumbing involve gutters, downpipes, flashings, and other related tasks, all designed to prevent water from entering the building structure.

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Blue Diamond Plumbing is a registered Roofing (stormwater) plumber with 30 years’ experience in this specialist class of plumbing.

Blue Diamond Plumbing will install, clean and repair:

  • Roofing – colourbond, metal, tiles 
  • Flashing 
  • Downpipes 
  • Box gutters 
  • Gutter guards and mesh coverings

We also provide Consultant Services for new roof installations. 

Ignore roof maintenance at your peril

Left unattended, roofing problems will inevitably cause damage to your home or commercial property. Keeping the roof and gutters clean and clear of debris and carrying out minor roofing repairs will save you money in the long run. The cost to repair damage to your home far outweighs the cost of regular maintenance.

  • Blocked gutters - Leaf litter and dirt washes into gutters, causing blockages in downpipes and gutters. Overflowing gutters pour down your fascia and walls and will eventually find its way inside. Water pooling in your basement or foundations is likely to cause structural damage.
  • Roof damage - Leaf litter and dirt on the roof will trap moisture, which leads to rust, mould and mildew, and increased pest infestation. Debris also works its way under flashings and into cracks, causing them to open up and let water inside the house.
  • Health Risks - if water leaks into the building, it can lead to dampness and mould growth in the ceiling and walls, which can adversely affect indoor air quality and pose health risks to the inhabitants.

Get a quote now for annual plumbing maintenance checks including gutter cleaning and roof repairs.

Roof Plumbing Melbourne

Save on roofing maintenance

To help reduce the cost of maintenance, we advise property owners to:

  • Conduct regular cleaning and repair of roof, gutters, and downpipes
  • Install gutter guards
  • Trim any overhanging trees. This will reduce the amount of leaf litter on your roof – and discourage possums from using your roof as a thoroughfare! The further away the trees are, the harder it will be for the possums.
  • Check aerial or satellite TV installation. All too often, cable is laid in gutters and drains, which causes blockages and other problems.

Call Blue Diamond Plumbing registered roofing plumber in South Melbourne today.

Keep off the roof!

On average 4.5 Australians die each year after falling from a ladder. Typically, it’s older men doing maintenance around the home who are injured or killed. For the cost of a plumber, attempting to clean your roof or gutters simply isn’t worth the risk. If you don’t know what you’re doing, you can also damage the roof by walking on it. 

Registered roofing plumbers wear safety harnesses and are trained in ladder safety and working at heights. Blue Diamond Plumbing will ensure that the access from the ground to the work area on the roof is safe, taking into account all the tools and materials required.

When do I need a new roof?

Depending on the materials used, the lifespan of a roof is anything from 30-50 years. Minor roof damage should be easily repairable at a low cost. However, widespread damage and water leaks is a sure sign that your roof is past its used-by date and needs to be replaced.

Do your homework

Before hiring a roofing contractor do your homework. The roof is one of the most important parts of your home. It’s a big investment and needs to be able to withstand increasingly extreme weather events and temperatures. Look for a licenced roofing contractor who understands the weather conditions in your area. 

To find the best roofing contractor for your job, follow these steps:

  1. Check online customer reviews 
  2. Ask for references from past/similar roofing jobs 
  3. Check for WorkCover insurance and liability insurance
  4. What Guarantees do they offer – materials, workmanship, duration?
  5. Ask for a written quote
  6. Compare quotes and understand any differences in recommended materials, construction and price
  7. Ask Blue Diamond Plumbing for advice

We offer Consultant Services on roofing jobs

Blue Diamond Plumbing offers Consultant Services for clients having a new roof installed. We can help you understand your options and provide independent advice about optimum roof drainage and water removal. 

It’s common practice to use an independent roofing consultant to check completed work before you make progress payments, or to supervise the entire project. Before you make your final payment, Blue Diamond Plumbing will check the work has passed the building surveyor’s inspection, meets your contract requirements, and is complete.

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Blue Diamond Plumbing Service Guarantee

Diamond Plumbing Appearance
Exposed supply pipes will be installed either plumb or horizontal, and fastened neatly.
Quality installations & repairs
Quality installations & repairs
We pride ourselves on providing fair, fast and efficient customer service.
Diamond Plumbing Clean
We guarantee we will return your environment to its original condition.
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At any point where the job changes, we will notify you of what has occurred, and the options available.
Diamond Plumbing Products & materials
Products & materials
We use and recommend high quality products and materials, and where possible we use and recommend Australian made, designed and approved products.
Diamond Plumbing Recommended suppliers
Diamond Plumbing Recommended suppliers
We recommend the brands we have found to be durable and reliable.
Kate Delamonte
Kate Delamonte
Prompt, professional, and reasonable.  Both techs that have been out have been great.  Blue Diamond Plumbing was referred to us by neighbors and we'd recommend them to anyone looking for honest work.
Katrina Koo
Katrina Koo
Very professional. Called on Monday and came Tuesday morning (for a non-urgent matter). Reasonably priced.
Joel Swersky
Joel Swersky
In 30 mins, Rod fixed a problem that I've had for 7 years and that 2 other plumbers couldn't fix. So grateful. New customer for life.
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