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Quality Plumbing Service Guarantee

Our plumber guarantee is to provide all our clients with the same quality plumbing services.

Quality installations & repairs

We pride ourselves on providing fair, fast and efficient customer service. We perform high quality work using first grade pipes and fittings, which significantly reduce your running costs and repair costs, and help to avoid inconvenient breakdowns.

plumbing serviceAppearance

Exposed supply pipes will be installed either plumb or horizontal, and fastened neatly. We will discuss with you the type and location of any exposed supply pipe. All waste pipes and gutters will be either plumb or have sufficient fall (run downhill) as applicable.


We guarantee we will return your environment to its original condition. Our plumbers are clean and tidy. We thoroughly clean up at the conclusion of each job.


At any point where the job changes, we will notify you of what has occurred, and the options available.

Products & materials

We use and recommend high quality products and materials, and where possible we use and recommend Australian made, designed and approved products.

Recommended suppliers

We recommend the brands we have found to be durable and reliable. Our customers then select the particular item they want (colour, style, etc) and place their order through us.

Some of the brands we recommend are:

Dux Hot Water Service, Hills Solar Hot Water Service, Caroma basins and toilets, Grohe, Caroma and Dorf tap ware, Polymaster plastic tanks, Bluescope steel tanks, Onga or Davey pumps, Daikin air conditioner, Bosch, Asko or Miele Dishwasher, Asko clothes washing machine and Asko condensate dryer, copper lines and fittings as required by code. If plastic is preferred for hot and cold supply, we recommend and use Rehau which has proven to be the highest quality potable plastic supply lines available. For taps we use and recommend Grohe, Caroma and Dorf tapware.

Blue Diamond Plumbing customers did not go wrong in hiring us:

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