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How To Care For Your Taps And Drains

Although we use it every day, we don’t really notice our taps and drains…until they start giving us problems. Drains begin to smell, sinks get clogged, chalky lime scale deposits build up on our taps. A little TLC every now and then for these neglected but useful parts of our house could go a long […]

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Things To Remember When Adding A Bathroom To Your Home-plumbers in Melbourne-tinified

Things To Remember When Adding A Bathroom To Your Home

Building an additional bathroom to your home has several benefits: It provides more convenience for your family (imagine lining up to use the toilet when you have to go right now!). It’s definitely more comfortable for everyone when there’s an extra bathroom to use. With an extra bathroom, you would also be adding more value […]

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Planning To Renovate Your Kitchen-plumbers-in-melbourne-tinified

Planning To Renovate Your Kitchen? Here Are Some Things To Consider

The kitchen is the engine room of the house. What’s a house without food, specifically, a kitchen where it is made? All of us spend a great deal of our time in it. Gatherings and conversations are more fun when there’s plenty of delicious food around so it’s important that your kitchen should be fully-functional. […]

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Plumbing Basics You Should Know About When Buying A New Home

Acquiring a new home is a big decision. There are many things to consider before you can make the big leap. Aside from the obvious things like price and how pretty the house looks, you should also take a look at its overall structure, wiring and electrical system. But one aspect you should never overlook […]

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Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Maintain Your Roof And Gutter

A lot of homeowners focus on maintaining the appearance of their homes. And that’s good—but only if you take care of the things that make your home functional first. Roofing is one of the most important parts of your home that needs your care. It protects your family from the elements, insulates your house and […]

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The Hazards Of Installing Your Own Air Conditioning

Melbourne summers can get unbearably hot and the winters chilling cold. Compared to Sydney, Melbourne experiences a big variation throughout the year. It swings from 40+ degrees in Summer down to below 0 in Winter. Indeed, famous for it’s ‘4 seasons in a day’ Melbourne also experiences big variations in temperature on most days. It’s […]

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How Plumbing Leaks Help Pests Proliferate

A lot of homeowners don’t know this, but believe it or not, leaks in your plumbing can lead to pest and termite infestation. There are many instances where they actually go hand in hand. They’re also a lot more common than you think. Rodents and bugs Leaks under your house or office, valve leak under […]

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The Link Between Plumbing And Your Health

Antibiotics. Penicillin. Vaccines. We may feel these things have always existed, but they haven’t been around that long. These are advances in medicine we owe scientists from the 19th century—breakthroughs that made our lives easier and life spans longer. But another invention that’s equally important to the health of humanity, but so deeply ingrained in […]

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