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Gas Mains Connection Melbourne

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Gas Mains Connection Melbourne

How to Add New Gas Mains Connection – Melbourne

gas mains connection melbourneHeating and cooling can make up the bulk of energy consumption in your property. Then there are the other needs, from heating water to cooking food. Depending on the efficiency of your systems, your bills might become a financial concern. To take control of your costs, you may want to add a new gas connection to your property.

What to Do

Getting connected to natural gas will save you money, without sacrificing your comfort and various needs for energy. The gas network is extensive in Melbourne, and elsewhere in Victoria. So you should have no problem adding a new gas mains connection. Melbourne property owners like you can have a new connection running from the gas mains in the street to the property where the gas metre is fitted.

You’ll need to get in touch with your preferred gas retailer or supplier; the process will vary with different retailers. You’ll then set up a gas account. As the gas retailer coordinates with you regarding the installation of a gas service line to your property, you’ll also need to hire a licensed and experienced gas fitter.

Your licensed gas fitter will evaluate the suitability of your appliances and the location of the service so you can get gas supply. The licensed professional will also need to determine a suitable location for your gas metre. Consider that the gas metre reading takes place every quarter. So it should be accessible.

Once the proper assessments have taken place, your qualified gas fitter will install the outlet pipework and connect your appliances. Your gas fitter will also coordinate with your gas supplier to have the gas metre tested and commissioned, once your property is ready to connect.

What to Consider

Installation period will vary with residential and commercial properties. In general, though, it may take a couple of weeks for the completion of the process—from the time the gas service line is installed to the time the gas metre is placed and tested.

But before any installation takes place, you may want to check if natural gas is available in your area. If the mains do not go to your property, you can get a quote for an extension to the gas mains. This quotation may take additional time.

Finally, make sure your appliances are in good condition before connecting to the gas supply. Old appliances, from the heater to the stove, may lead to a gas leak, which is not just wasteful but hazardous. As a precaution and maintenance plan, get your certified gas fitter to perform regular inspections of your gas appliances.