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Hot Water Repairs In Melbourne

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Hot Water Repairs In Melbourne

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When we think of hot water most of us think about hot showers or a long relaxing soak in the bath, but in the new era of coronavirus running hot water means a lot more than comfort and convenience. Hot water is vital for good hygiene. More than ever it’s important that your hot water system is well maintained and any issues are identified early.

Your hot water system
To maintain your hot water system in good working order, you need to know (in theory at least) how it works. In most homes, the hot water service is hidden in a cupboard or outside the building somewhere near the bathroom or laundry. Your hot water service may be an electric or gas tank-style water heater or electric tankless water heater. When you turn on the hot tap, hot water is pumped from the hot water heater through your home’s hot water supply pipes. Some washing machines have their own internal water heaters. Along with tankless water heaters, these require regular checks and servicing along with other heating and cooling systems.

What can go wrong?

hot water repairs melbourneThe challenge with a hot water system is 1. remembering to keep an eye on it and 2. knowing how to recognise the problem signs before it’s too late. Here are some of the warning signs that your water heater is beginning to fail:

  1. Lack of hot water
    In tank-style water heaters, over time, mineral deposits build up in the tank and create a barrier between the burner and the water. This means the heating element has to work harder to heat the water. If it’s taking longer than usual for the hot water to come through, or your hot water keeps running out, your hot water system needs attention.
  2. Cloudy hot water
    Sediment build up in the tank may lead to cloudy hot water flowing from your taps. You might also notice a metallic smell or taste. While this can also be rust, either way it’s a sure sign that your pipes are getting clogged up and corroded. You need to call the plumber before your hot water service springs a leak!
  3. Leaking or faulty relief valve
    Once a year, property owners should test the relief valve on their hot water tank. Use a bucket – if it’s working properly there will be a steady stream of hot water from the valve. If there’s just a trickle or no water at all, or if you notice a leak from the valve, call a plumber immediately. Problems with the relief valve are caused by sediment build-up, excessive pressure inside the tank or overheating and may indicate a bigger problem.
  4. Leaking hot water tank
    Leaking water from the tank is a clear sign of trouble. Sediment build-up and corrosion within the hot water tank leads to fractures and cracks, and your hot water tank urgently needs to be replaced. If the leak is severe shut the water off at the water main and call emergency plumbers Melbourne. Burst water tanks cause flood, mess and damage to your home, and may even trigger the growth of harmful moulds.

Hot water & hygiene
More than ever we are dependent upon hot water for our health and safety. While health authorities advise that regular hand washing with soap in cold water is adequate to protect against viruses, as a general rule warm water is better. When wiping down surfaces, washing dishes and washing clothes, hotter water is a must. Most dishwashers and washing machines (hot cycle) run at temperatures over above 60°C which dissolves detergent and grease, and effectively kills most viruses. According to scientists, temperatures around 70°C will kill the new coronavirus, depending on the amount of virus present and the type of surface that it’s on.

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Prevention is better than cure
Remember, prevention is better than cure. Property owners should call professional master plumbers in Melbourne now to prevent issues from worsening and restore the proper working condition of your hot water system. Don’t jeopardise your family’s health by waiting until disaster strikes.

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