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Blocked Drains In Melbourne

Got a problem with blocked drains in Melbourne? Here are a few tips to prepare for home service.

The holidays are here and you simply can’t afford to have plumbing issues at home. However, due to all the activities and the number of people at home (with the kids off from school, and family and friends over for the holidays), water mains problems and blocked drains — Melbourne plumbers say — are often hard to avoid.

Fortunately, for all of these, emergency plumbing service providers are ready to perform solutions so that your home’s proper working order can be restored instantly.

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What to do with a blocked drain

Reputable blocked drain plumbers in Melbourne have rounded up some tips for homeowners so they can get the job done in the quickest and most convenient manner for residents.
  • If there’s flooding, do get rid of the excess water to minimise the nastiness around. Also, when you get rid of overflow, you can also reduce the risk of accidents that can lead to injuries.
  • It’s also going to help significantly to free the work area of unnecessary traffic. Create a new route for everybody at home so they can avoid congestion and the spread of dirt. If you have dogs and other pets that are allowed to roam freely inside the house, get them out of the way, too, because they may get aggravated by the presence of strangers as well as all the work being carried out. Likewise, you want to make sure that your plumbers can concentrate on their job; the better their focus, the faster they’ll complete the task.
  • You may also want to set out a path of newspapers for your plumbers to walk on. This will reduce the amount of dirt you’ll have to clean afterwards (basically, you will just need to gather the wet and dirty newspapers when the work is completed). This will also indicate to the plumbers that you make the effort to keep your home clean; they will take the cue and accomplish their job in a manner that honours your standard for cleanliness for your home.
  • To repair blocked or damaged drains, you can go ahead and locate the manhole to show your hired plumber, to be able to speed things up. FYI: The manhole is normally located at the back or in front of your property.
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Understanding blocked drains

Every drain will suffer from blockage problems. Whether it’s commercial or domestic, the drains in your property could become inefficient due to build-up on the inside of pipes. And because your drains and pipes stay hidden (unlike taps), you might only pay attention to how they work once they start to present problems.

How the Blockage Begins

The blockage begins in the pipes. Over the course of its lifetime, your pipes could get a build up of commercial or domestic waste. These include food waste, silt, hair, broken soap, and the like. Other substances that can get into pipes are leaves and litter. When these things are left in the pipes, they will cause blocked drains. Melbourne property owners like you will start to notice inefficiencies with your kitchen or bathroom drains.

The water might not flow through the drain fast enough or it might not flow through it all. The pipes then start to fill up with water, backing up to its source, and eventually, lead to flooding. Depending on what you’re using, your toilet bowl could flood. Your washing machine could flood. Your bathtub could flood, and so could your kitchen sink.

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What Happens After

Slow drains will indicate that you need to get your plumbing inspected by licensed plumbers in Melbourne. It’s a sign you should not ignore because after slow drains come the flooding. Flooded bathrooms, basements, and kitchens are not only inconvenient, they also cause water damage.

Water damage can impact the structural integrity of your property. It could also impact your electrical wiring, which will present a new set of hazards. At best, water damage could destroy your electrical appliances to a degree that you would have to buy new ones.

In addition to the inconvenience and potentially new expenses, blocked drains could also affect your health and safety.

The water backing up in a blocked drain is dirty. It is dirtier than the water thrown away from the bathroom or the kitchen because it has been remaining in the pipe, turning into a breeding ground for harmful bacteria. And where harmful bacteria breed, infection follows suit.

When you begin to notice slow drains or find leaks in certain areas of your property, call your Blue Diamond Plumbing. Licensed plumbers will use advanced tools to electronically determine the location of the block. This eliminates guessing and allows plumbers to efficiently fix the problem with the right solutions.

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Ronan Morel
This was not an urgent repair, but made the effort to come as early as feasible. Very professional and explained clearly what was the issue (valve mixing hot and cold water that was due for a change due to old age) and why this occurred. Definitely will be on my good list.
Chris Bramley
Great guys to deal with. Would highly recommend. Used for drain unblocking.
The issue was explained clearly to me and how to prevent it from happening again.
Got good vibes from the beginning.
Will McDonald
Very impressed with the professional same day service I received from Blue Diamond Plumbing.  They did a great job fixing the problem and I highly recommend.  Also great to learn that all of their team were fully vaccinated.
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