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Covid Policy

Covid 19 Update

Working Together To Keep Our Staff & Customers Safe

We have implemented the following measures to help reduce the spread of the virus while we continue to provide plumbing emergency services.

We appreciate your support to reduce the chance of exposure while we are in your home or property.

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    Social Distancing

    While directing us to the problem, please maintain a 1.5m distance from our staff.

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    Hand Hygiene

    We are using Gloves & Hand Sanitiser, please help reduce the need for us to touch doors/surfaces in your property.

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    All of our staff have had flu vaccinations and are only working if in good health.

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    Checks All of our staff are having their temperature checked daily to ensure they are safe to work.

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    Credit Card payment

    We would prefer to accept payments via credit card at this time to reduce money handling.