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When to Call Water and Gas Appliance Plumbers – Melbourne

Any job that involves gas requires the credentials and expertise of licensed gas fitters. Under the law, gas appliance installations, conversions, leak testing, repairs, maintenance, and other gas fitting tasks need to comply with prevailing standards and policies. To do otherwise would mean having illegal gas work done in your home. Not only is unlicensed gas work illegal, but it is also quite dangerous.

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The good news is that you can get one licensed tradesman to do both your gas fittings and plumbing services needs around the house. There are plumbers who are also licensed as gas fitters. So when looking for tradesmen, you want to find water and gas appliance plumbers. Melbourne homeowners like you would save time and money when choosing Blue Diamond Plumbing.

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Here’s a quick rundown of situations that require the expertise of water and gas appliance plumbers.

When you need gas regulators checked.

Gas regulators do not last forever. They require checking to maintain proper operation and safety in your home.

When you smell gas in your home.

You want to first turn off the gas at the source. Do this while avoiding any visible gas cylinder leak because the substance causes cold burns. Do not, under any circumstance, use electronic devices, including your mobile phone. Ventilate your home. Get everyone outside. And then call your gas stove plumber. Melbourne homes with gas appliances should have this safety procedure posted in the kitchen as a reminder.

When the temperature rises and falls on your tankless continuous flow hot water heater.

Unstable temperature, or temperature that fluctuates, may indicate a problem with your tankless continuous flow hot water heater. Do not attempt to resolve it yourself. Call a water and gas appliance plumber.

When you need the hoses and connections in your home inspected.

Periodic inspection prevents emergency plumbing situations. The frequency of these inspections will depend on the age of your hoses and connections.

Your licensed gas appliance plumber will catch any damage, replace the faulty hoses and connectors, and keep your home safe from leaks.

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The pressure relief valve on your storage tank hot water heater is leaking water nonstop.
It is normal for the pressure relief valve to release some water. This happens when the valve releases excess temperature or pressure build up inside the tank. But if you see that the valve is leaking water continuously or that it keeps venting, it will need the attention of a licensed plumber.

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Quality installations & repairs
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Diamond Plumbing Recommended suppliers
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Jonathan Tan
Have worked with these boys for quite a few years now. Always give their best to solve the problem, and communicate well when more work is needed. Always appreciate Rod and his team.
Susan Fabbro
Rod responded to an emergency burst pipe in our central heating on a weekend and although we had managed a reasonable damage limitation exercise ourselves, he arrived swiftly, was efficient, helpful and importantly resolved the problem until we were able to engage a heating engineer to repair. We would highly recommend Blue Diamond and have no hesitation in using Rod's services again.
Nicki Makris
Called Blue Diamond Plumbing for a roof leak, found them to be very professional & punctual,  Nick kept me informed and explained what he was doing with the repair. Invoice was reasonable with all work and parts itemised. Would highly recommend Blue Diamond!
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