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Blocked Toilet Melbourne

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Blocked Toilet Melbourne

Flush That Down, Get a Blocked Toilet: Melbourne Plumbers Cite the Biggest Culprits

blocked toilet melbourneBlocked toilets are some of the biggest hassles that can take place in both residential and commercial buildings. A lot of business establishments such as restaurants and food companies even halt their operations when their toilets are stacked up because they are a big inconvenience to everybody and they compromise sanitary standards as well.

When it comes to the issue of a blocked toilet, Melbourne plumbers claim that bad practices are usually the culprit. Therefore, if you don’t want to ever have to deal with this issue, it’s best to know what you shouldn’t be flushing down your toilet.

  • Paper towels as substitute for toilet paper. They are so much thicker and don’t disintegrate as easily, even when wet.
  • Moist towelettes or disinfectant and baby wipes. These also don’t break down as easily as regular toilet paper does. In fact, they’re quite thick and strong that they hold their shape well even after you’ve washed them—many even reuse them after washing because they’re almost like cloth.
  • Very thick wads of toilet paper. While toilet paper disintegrates easily, if there’s just too much of it forced down the toilet, it’s going to block the toilet and cause water to back up, which is really nasty.
  • Diapers and sanitary pads. Flushing them down is just really unsanitary, and they’re so thick; plus, they hold or contain foul elements. They may be disposable, but this doesn’t mean they’re “flush-able.” Throw them in the trash where they belong.
  • Chewing gum. A tiny wad may not seem like much, but if several get flushed down the toilet, they can build up and attach to the drainpipes and cause all sorts of nasty elements to adhere to them, resulting in a blockage.
  • Dental floss. Just like hair, it can turn into a ball—and just like a hairball, a ball of dental floss can choke the toilet.
  • Dead pets such as goldfish (or other kinds of aquarium fish and turtles), gerbils, mice, and guinea pigs. Apart from the fact that flushing them down the toilet is rather heartless, they’re really too much for the system to take. Give your dead pets a proper burial instead—they’ll even enrich the soil they’re buried in.

If this advice came a little too late and your toilet is already blocked, don’t bother attempting to remedy the problem yourself and complicate the issue further. Call in professional plumbers to take care of the problem—in no time, the block will have disappeared and your plumber will even leave the “scene” clean.

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