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4 Possible Reasons For Low Water Pressure In Home

What Causes Low Pressure? Plumbers (Melbourne) List 4 Possible Reasons

When the water in your home slowly trickles, you will find that the simplest of chores becomes tedious and annoying. Even taking a shower consumes more time that it usually takes. Here are four possible reasons for low water pressure In home.

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Mineral and debris buildup

Mineral and debris buildup

Sand, dirt and other types of debris can wind their way inside your home’s pipes when the water main becomes fractured. Mineral buildups, on the other hand, can occur even if the pipes are not fractured. Water normally carries a small amount of minerals and sediment which are sometimes left behind when the water courses through the pipes. Eventually, this leads to blockages.

Internal corrosion of pipes

The steel and galvanised water pipes that are widely used in homes today can last up to 20 years. However, corrosion can occur within the pipes even if, externally, they look okay.


Leaks in the plumbing system reduce the amount of water and pressure through the different parts of the home.

Local water supply problems

Low water pressure in Melbourne may sometimes come as a result, not because of problems in your home’s plumbing, but due to issues with your area’s local water supply.

Just like your home’s piping system, the local water supply system in your area may undergo problems like mineral or debris buildup and leaks.
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What to do

One of the first things that you need to do is determine whether you are the only one experiencing the problem, or if your neighbours are also experiencing low water pressure in their homes. If your neighbours have the same dilemma, it is highly likely that the problem is due to issues with the local water supply. In this case, you can call the water supply company and determine if the problem is from their end of things.

If you are the only one experiencing low water pressure, it is best to call in professional plumbers who know how to pinpoint the actual cause of the problem, as well as provide the appropriate solutions.

For example, if the cause of the problem is buildup in the pipes, plumbers will examine a section of the pipework and use plumbing chemicals to solve the problem. For internal corrosions, the best solution that a plumber will recommend is the replacement of the pipes.

You can check for leaks by shutting off all the water taps and recording the data on the metre. After a few hours, check the metre and see whether it has changed. If it has changed, call a plumber.

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