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Plumbing Maintenance Best Practices Every Homeowner Should Know About

Smiling plumber doing maintenance work for kitchen sink
How often do you think about the plumbing in your home? Once a year? Only when something goes wrong? Never?

If you found yourself nodding your head to any of those answers, you indeed aren’t alone. Most homeowners prefer to spend their energy thinking about their new appliances or the new sofa they are saving up for, instead of the pipes that keep everything moving in the house.

While they may not be as sexy as your new meditation cushion, the elements of your plumbing system are essential for the health and wealth of your home, which means they deserve a little more of your consideration.

Here are four effective plumbing maintenance best practices every homeowner should know about.

Blocked kitchen sink repair with cup plunger

1. Be aware.

As a homeowner, there is a long checklist of things that you need to be paying attention to in order to keep your home safe and secure. In addition to security systems, the health of your appliances, and the location of your housemates, you also need to be on the lookout for any signs of issues with your plumbing.

For starters, if you are noticing your sink, shower, garbage disposal, or the like acting strange, then this could be a sign that there is a more significant problem with your drains. A clogged drain in the bathroom or kitchen (or anywhere else, for that matter) can be a red flag. You want these systems to be draining swiftly and smoothly without any gurgling noise.

Additionally, if you are noticing that your water is coming out at a higher or lower pressure than usual, this may also signify an issue. Generally, the perfect force is around 40-65 psi. If the pressure is too high, it can ruin valves and fixtures and may lead to a blowout in your supply lines. If it is too low, it can be frustrating to bathe, fill up a cup of water, or wash your clothes.

In both situations, it is necessary to fix the issue.

2. Observe routine maintenance as it is essential in extending the lifespan of your plumbing system.

Too many homeowners overlook their plumbing systems until it is too late and a significant problem has started to take hold.

Generally, if a small plumbing problem begins to develop, it will never “just go away.” In fact, the very nature of plumbing issues ensures that they are only going to increase in intensity which will inevitably lead to more problems, more destruction, and more money to get it all sorted.

For this reason, as a homeowner, you should have scheduled routine maintenance with a professional plumber to stay on top of the health of all your pipes, valves and drains.

Over time, your plumbing system will suffer from extended wear and tear, but qualified plumbers can work with them to guarantee they last as long as possible. At the very minimum, you should have an annual maintenance review by a professional plumber. They will check your pipes for leaks and corrosion, as well as your main appliances.

During these visits, a licensed plumber will be able to tell you when you need a new water heater and if there are any small issues with your water or sewer line that require additional review.

3. Sewers can cause major devastation, so watch out for blockages.

Unfortunately, most of us have experienced the terribly unique smell and the sight of raw sewage. No one wants to wake up or come home from work to be presented with this sort of disaster in their garden. It can take a lot of work and resources to get everything back to normal.

Preventative measures (see #2) are the best way to decrease your chances of experiencing such a catastrophe, as a blocked sewer doesn’t happen instantaneously.

However, if you do have a blocked sewer in Melbourne, then make sure to contact Blue Diamond Plumbing to ensure that a highly qualified plumber with years of experience will be at your door to fix the blockage ASAP.

First, they will need to assess whether the predicament is under or within your house. Next, using their advanced equipment, they will find and verify the blockage, before using their training and experience to implement the appropriate remedy.

4. It is always better to let a professional deal with it.

No matter what issue you are facing in your home, or if you are just looking for preventative measures, it is always essential that you let a professional deal with it. While many people believe they can “DIY” it themselves, generally, they end up missing the mark and having to hire a professional to come in and clean up the mess.

The best thing to do is find a professional plumber that you trust, is reliable, and knows your home through annual maintenance. Building a relationship with your plumber will make it easier for them to be on the scene and prepared should you need a reliable emergency plumber in South Yarra or wherever you reside.

How do you ensure that your plumbing is kept in good shape? What have you found that works and what doesn’t? Let us know your experiences in the comments below!