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Things To Remember When Adding A Bathroom To Your Home-plumbers in Melbourne-tinified

Things To Remember When Adding A Bathroom To Your Home

Building an additional bathroom to your home has several benefits: It provides more convenience for your family (imagine lining up to use the toilet when you have to go right now!). It’s definitely more comfortable for everyone when there’s an extra bathroom to use. With an extra bathroom, you would also be adding more value […]

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Plumbing Basics You Should Know About When Buying A New Home

Acquiring a new home is a big decision. There are many things to consider before you can make the big leap. Aside from the obvious things like price and how pretty the house looks, you should also take a look at its overall structure, wiring and electrical system. But one aspect you should never overlook […]

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Why You Need Air Conditioning Plumbers In Melbourne

Melbourne summers can get unbearably hot and the winters chilling cold. Compared to Sydney, Melbourne experiences a big variation throughout the year, from 40+ degrees in summer down to below 0 in winter. This is why airconditioning installation in Melbourne becomes in demand. It’s these extreme temperatures that are the reason why Melbourne households use […]

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The Link Between Plumbing And Your Health

Antibiotics. Penicillin. Vaccines. We may feel these things have always existed, but they haven’t been around that long. These are advances in medicine we owe scientists from the 19th century—breakthroughs that made our lives easier and life spans longer. But another invention that’s equally important to the health of humanity, but so deeply ingrained in […]

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gas plumbing melbourne

Gas Plumbing (Melbourne): Safety Tips

While you consider your home to be your private, personal space — a sanctuary for you and your family to enjoy — it’s no secret that it requires a number of systems in order to provide the comfort that the whole household enjoys on a daily basis. Think about it — the provision of water […]

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drain unblocking melbourne

Drain Unblocking Tools Professional Plumbers Use

The lack of the right tools is one of the reasons why people without plumbing qualifications have no business attempting any plumbing work. Of course, even if with the best drain unblocking tools or plumbing equipment, these are not enough to tackle plumbing issues. All plumbing work should be executed by a licenced and insured […]

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Repair Burst Pipes

The Urgent Need to Repair Burst Pipes

A burst pipe is one of the most common issues plumbers deal with. There are several possible causes for a burst pipe, but it definitely happens more often in the winter time, brought about by freezing conditions. It goes without saying that it is imperative to repair burst pipes immediately upon discovery, hence the need […]

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blocked sewer in Melbourne

Common Causes of a Blocked Sewer in Melbourne

Do you hear a “gulping” noise from your drains? Does your sink pool water instead of letting it go down the drain? Is your toilet paying you back for all the nasty things you’ve flushed down it? If you answer “yes” to any of these, then you have a blocked sewer. In Melbourne, if the […]

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