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Architectural blueprints for home & bathroom design

8 Plumbing Considerations for Your Bathroom Design

Plumbing is a key consideration when designing and building a new bathroom – or a new home. Careful planning will save you money in the construction phase and for the life of the home. When a house is built, the plumbing goes in before anything else. It is installed in the dirt before the concrete […]

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A bright and luxurious bathroom

Designing a Bathroom: 6 Tips From the Experts

Did you know that you are most likely to spend approximately 1.5 years of your life in your bathroom? It is where you usually start and finish each day. Once you wake up, you head straight to this room to use the toilet, sink, and shower to get ready for the day. And before you […]

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Young plumber with tool belt and pipe wrench on light background

6 Dos & Don’ts of Dealing with Plumbing Emergencies

Plumbing emergencies can happen anytime. And despite taking all the preventative measures and precautions to make sure that your plumbing system is in great condition, not all plumbing emergencies can be prevented. So you must know the dos and don’ts during plumbing emergencies. But you must know first what a plumbing emergency looks like so […]

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Two broken plumbing pipe almost completely blocked with vibrant orange rust. Isolated on white background.

Pros Reveal the Proper Way to Dispose of Grease and Cooking Oil

Two broken plumbing pipe almost completely blocked with vibrant orange rust. Isolated on white background.[/caption] Cooking oil and lard seem like harmless food ingredients when you use them to cook delicious treats like French fries and doughnuts. But, after you’re done using them then dump down the sink, they can cause your drain a lot […]

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Public bathroom for people with disabilities

Boost Bathroom Safety with These 7 Tips

The bathroom could be a potentially dangerous area in your home because of the presence of water and slippery surfaces. Anyone could end up getting injured when bathroom safety is not taken into serious consideration. Take note that the best time for you to think about the health and well-being of the entire household is […]

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A bottle of drain cleaner solution near a sink pipe

Are Commercial Drain Cleaners Safe?

Blocked drains are considered as a common plumbing issue in both residential and industrial structures. While such problems can be avoided with proper and regular plumbing maintenance, many homeowners and businessmen still face this dilemma which they usually try to solve using commercial drain cleaners. However, most expert drainage plumbers don’t recommend the use of […]

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The Future of Plumbing: 7 Trends to Watch Out For

In highly developed countries, plumbing is given a lot of priority. Not only does it need to be incredibly functional, but it has to be beautiful as well. It is worth noting, too, that in the last several years, companies that manufacture plumbing products have also paid great attention to meeting the unique requirements of […]

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8 Tips to Help You Lower Your Utility Bills

The average monthly utility bill for people living in Australia amounts to $ 200.20. This expense can be higher if there are more people living in one household. For large families, they can receive utility bills that can range from $ 400 to $ 500 per month during the extremely hot and cold seasons – […]

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Woman pinching nose due to bad smell

What to Do When You Smell Sewer Gas Inside Your Home

Nothing is more unwelcome than unpleasant odour being present in your home. If your house smells bad, you would not want to have people over. Actually, you and your family will not want to stay at home either. So, if you smell something funky or repulsive in your dwelling, the smartest thing to do right […]

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Plumber in Blue Overalls Repairing Water Heater

Do You Need a New Toilet? 6 Signs to Watch Out For

Knowing what you can flush and what you can’t down the toilet is a good start to avoiding a blocked toilet – one of the most common plumbing problems. But even if you practise this good habit and clean your toilet frequently, you can’t expect your toilet to last forever. There will come a time […]

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