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Why You Need a Licensed and Experienced Gas Plumber in Melbourne

In Australia, all states and territories are required to use the services of a licensed gasfitter for any gas-related work, for natural gas and LPG as well. Melbourne home and business owners should know this and not even dare attempt to carry out a DIY. If you need some gas work done, do not even consider hiring anybody other than an experienced gas plumber in Melbourne either.

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Licensed and Experienced Gas Plumber in MelbourneUnlicensed gas work is dangerous and illegal. Besides this, the warranty on your appliances may also become void if it has been tampered with by somebody who is not a licensed specialist.

If you’re under the impression that any plumber you contact can take on gas work, this is not the case. Many gasfitters are plumbers, but not every plumber is also a gasfitter. For this reason, if you’re having trouble with your gas hot water system, make sure the service you hire is licensed and insured both as a plumber and as a gasfitter.

There are about 16,000 plumbers in Victoria; only 7,000 of them are licensed gasfitters, so if you’re looking for a plumber, choose one that advertises himself as a licensed gasfitter as well. Don’t just take their word for it either. Ask to see their ID endorsing them to perform gas work.

Why is it so important to engage the services of a legitimate gas plumber? What does it mean to hire a plumber who is also a gasfitter? It indicates that the plumber has undergone sufficient appropriate training to safely complete gas work, and then passed the competency exams before finally being registered with the Victorian Building Authority.

Keep in mind, however, not to assume that a licensed and experienced gas plumber in Melbourne is fit to install all types of gas appliances. Be sure to ask first.

What are the different gas fitting tasks that a specialist may perform for you?

  • Installation, conversion, repair, and maintenance of gas appliances.
  • Installation of gas bottle, including regulators, gas lines, pigtails, and changeover valves.
  • Gas flue pipes installation and repair.
  • Installation of gas metres, valves, as well as other related pipe work.
  • Gas pressure adjustment.
  • Gas detection system installation.
  • Test for and repair of leaks.

Gas, unlike water, is a tricky and volatile matter to deal with. You can ensure safety of all concerned as well as general satisfaction with the service by being meticulous about the specialist you hire.

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