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Gas Plumbing (Melbourne): Safety Tips

gas plumbing melbourneWhile you consider your home to be your private, personal space — a sanctuary for you and your family to enjoy — it’s no secret that it requires a number of systems in order to provide the comfort that the whole household enjoys on a daily basis.

Think about it — the provision of water and electricity, your plumbing system, and your security system all help to enable the household to perform routine tasks and experience convenience at all times. Without them, people would not have the basic necessities to function.

As such, it pays to take care of these systems. This entails regularly inspecting their condition, getting professionals to perform routine maintenance and emergency repairs (when needed), and making sure payments are kept up to date so that the services won’t be interrupted.

In addition, homeowners must be familiar with the appropriate safety guidelines regarding these systems. For example, when it comes to gas plumbing, Melbourne residents need to exercise extra care when handling the mechanisms involved. And to keep the family protected at all times, it’s essential to be aware of potential issues that may arise and the proper way to deal with these.

A crucial plumbing matter

When it comes to residential plumbing, a gas leak is one of the most dangerous problems that could arise. Most households are aware that gas has a particular smell — an odorant is mixed into natural gas so that people will be able to detect when there is gas leaking into a room. When you notice this smell, plumbing professionals need to be called in immediately.

However, there are instances when households fail to detect the smell of gas.

A person could be asleep inside a room, for example. If he remains inside the room, which is an enclosed environment, the gas could keep him from breathing in sufficient oxygen, and this can become fatal when prolonged.

Likewise, if there is a gas leak and you unknowingly create a spark, the gas will ignite — causing significant harm to a person’s life and serious damage to the property.

How to keep safe

It helps to educate yourself and the whole family on the different ways to ensure safety when interacting with gas appliances at home as well as the best things to do in case a gas leak occurs. Here are the best examples:

Know how to properly turn off all gas appliances.

Forgetting to turn off the oven is a common occurrence that has even become a popular kind of joke, but it should be treated seriously. Even when you’re busy in the kitchen or getting ready to go out, turning off the oven should always be something you do before you step out, and make sure to double check it as well. This will help prevent your appliances from leaking gas.


Pay attention to the colour of the flame.

The flame produced by appliances that burn gas should be coloured blue. Take time to check it whenever you use the appliance; when you see that the flame has turned yellow or red, contact your trusted plumbers immediately to find out if the appliance is still safe to use.


Identify the symptoms of gas poisoning.

Finally, if a gas leak goes undetected within your home, your family may be inhaling the gas and will soon begin exhibiting signs of mild to severe gas poisoning. Watch out for these symptoms: shortness of breath, dizziness, nausea and weakness. See a doctor right away and call your plumbers as soon as possible.