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Drain Unblocking Tools Professional Plumbers Use

drain unblocking melbourneThe lack of the right tools is one of the reasons why people without plumbing qualifications have no business attempting any plumbing work. Of course, even if with the best drain unblocking tools or plumbing equipment, these are not enough to tackle plumbing issues.

All plumbing work should be executed by a licenced and insured plumber, even if it involves something as seemingly simple as drain unblocking. Melbourne professional plumbers would actually tell you that it’s neither simple nor easy. You need the combination of know-how, experience, and tools to be able to unblock drains in a truly successful manner. Experts shudder at the idea of the implements laypeople would deem fit to use for unblocking drains.

If you’re curious about the nifty pieces of plumbing machinery that professional plumbers use for addressing drain blockage, the following list will give you an idea:

  • Hand tools – Augers, hand spinners, and sewer tape are some of the manual tools used to remove tough obstructions and break up hard blockages. These can be used on a variety of drains – from lavatories to sink lines, to urinals, to bath drains, etc.
  • Sink machines – These basically do the same work as hand tools, but with more power, quicker results, and much less mess on the worker’s hands, the work area, and involved fixtures.
  • Drum machines – These are used for cleaning indoor drains such as sink lines, floor drains, and roof vents. They are powerful and easy to transport. Some models are sophisticated with a cable control system and a blockage detector that emit audible warnings when any is encountered. They may also have accompanying accessories such as a toolbox and a selection of cutters.
  • Sectional machines – These come with different-sized cables for cleaning different sections. They are used for all types of drain cleaning, from residential to commercial, to industrial, etc. They are often compact enough to fit in small spaces but powerful enough to clear blockages.
  • Rodder machines – These are mainly for straight main line work in public and industrial drains. As per the name, they drive sectional sewer rods through long but straight and large diameter pipes.
  • Water jetting machines – These are mostly for commercial and industrial applications with their hoses blasting through blockages made up of sludge, grease, soap, and sediment. They may be used for residential drains as well when necessary.

The drain unblocking Melbourne plumbers perform involves more than the hot water and plunger remedies people read about online. It’s really best that a professional addresses any issue of drain blockage right away in order to save time, effort, and even money.