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4 Warning Signs of a Blocked Kitchen Drain

A blocked drain can be a major inconvenience, especially in a busy kitchen. But if you’re like most homeowners, you probably don’t think about this problem until you see obvious signs. There’s really nothing wrong with that as long as you are careful. However, your life and kitchen will always run efficiently if you think ahead and prevent problems from happening.

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Signs of a Blocked Kitchen DrainHow do kitchen drains get blocked?

Most of the time, accumulations in the drains and pipes create blockages. This can either be due to food from the kitchen sink, hair, or soap buildup.

If you’re worried about a blocked kitchen drain, there are signs to look out for according to an emergency plumber in Melbourne.

1. Slow drainage of water

Does it feel like water is draining a lot slower than usual? If you don’t normally have a slow drain, this may be a sign that you have a blockage somewhere in your plumbing system. To restore your kitchen drain to normal, let a professional plumber remove the block to clear your drain pipes and allow water to run through faster.

2. Foul odour

Is there an unpleasant smell coming from your kitchen drain? This can be a potential sign of a plumbing problem caused by rotten food.

If this is the case with your kitchen sink, it’s a good practice to run your garbage disposal with water to eliminate old food that may be the cause of the odour. You can also pour some dish soap or lemon juice down the drain to get rid of the smell. If the odour persists or is in a different area, contact a professional for plumbing system maintenance and inspection.

3. Gurgling sounds

Do you hear gurgling noises when liquids go down your kitchen drain? This may be because the liquid is trying to go around a block. The sounds are due to trapped air bubbles below the blockage that are popping up through the water as the liquid ‘tries’ to pass through the pipe.

Gurgling sounds indicate that there’s at least some water flow occurring. However, it may not be normal or as fast as you want it to be. Drainage cleaning is a great way to solve this problem and maximize your drainage.

If a drain cleaner can’t remove the food deposits that are causing the gurgling sounds, a professional plumber’s high-powered tools such as a hydro-jetter can be another solution. Take note that damage to the sewer line may also be another reason for gurgling noises. Since this issue is far more serious than a block, seek help from a professional plumber to safely fix this problem.

4. Food particles left after running the dishwasher

Ever have unexpected food particles in your kitchen sink after running the dishwasher? This may be due to a blockage that has more to do with your garbage disposal rather than the drain itself. You can try resolving this by running water down your garbage disposal to let it drain out any food trapped inside.

Else, you should have the problem looked into by a reliable, professional plumber.

Plumber Cleaning MelbourneHow to Prevent a Blocked Kitchen Drain

The best approach to proper kitchen sink maintenance should always be focusing on prevention rather than repair. Below are some good practices that will help you avoid expensive plumbing upkeep.

  • Avoid pouring grease or fat down the drain – Grease and fat are the common triggers of sink blockage. Make sure that everyone living in your house abides by this policy. Keep a container near your sink where they can deposit grease and fat to prevent people from pouring them down the drain.
  • Run water when using disposal – When it comes to your kitchen disposal, don’t use the grinder without running water down before, during, and after you dispose of waste. For your safety, always place the lid on the drain whenever you turn on the grinder and never stick your hands or fingers in it.
  • Don’t use the sink if the drain stops flowing – As soon as you notice that the drain stops flowing, immediately turn the water off and clean the sink area. This will prevent water from overflowing and flooding your kitchen floor.
  • Don’t wash hair in the sink – Hair that makes its way into the sink is another cause of blocked kitchen drains. So, insist that all family members avoid washing their hair in the kitchen sink and do it in the bathroom instead.
  • Don’t wash your hands in the kitchen after working on the garden – Sometimes, you might not notice the tiny leaves or dirt that get stuck on your hands which you then instinctively wash in the kitchen sink. That dirt from the garden can actually build up over time and cause a blockage.

Watch out for the signs and seek help

Now that you know the indicators that serve as warning signs for a blocked drain, don’t worsen the problem by attempting to DIY the problem; instead, call a professional plumber. Your attempt to remove the blockage may not work and cause more problems, leading to lengthier and more expensive repair work.

By letting a professional handle the problem, you can be sure that your plumbing system is in good hands, and will soon be working efficiently.

If you experience a blocked kitchen drain, whether it’s in the middle of the night or in the daytime, you can always rely on Blue Diamond Plumbing for emergency plumbing work and maintenance.

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