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Blocked Drains – Melbourne CBD Offices Should Call a Nearby Plumber Fast

blocked-drains-melbourne-cbdPart of ensuring workplace health and safety is providing suitable and sufficient welfare facilities for employees. These facilities refer to such provisions as toilet and hand basins, a supply of drinking water, a private place for changing and storing clothing, and a clean area for preparing food and beverages at break times.

If you were to assign placement to these four based on importance, many would pick a toilet and wash basins to be first. You can bring your own water, wait to go home before changing, and bring a ready-to-eat meal for lunch, but you can’t very well bring your own toilet and sink. Considering the frequency and urgency of their use, they have to be in good working condition at all times.

If you’re an employer, you want to make sure that there are working toilets and running water at your workplace, first and foremost, for the comfort of your employees and your visitors. Secondly, these provisions must be in place to avoid a visit from the local health and safety inspector, which may then lead to the temporary closure of your workplace.

What if your office were to suffer blocked drains? Melbourne CBD businesses should understand the importance of a working toilet and sink, so in case of problems, they should call a nearby plumber fast. A blocked toilet or drain can prove to be very inconvenient and unhygienic. If not dealt with efficiently and immediately, it can turn into a real nightmare. It may even cause you to make the decision yourself to close your office until the situation has been resolved.

How do you know if you have blocked drains? Melbourne CBD employers should look out for slow draining water, gurgling, and foul odours coming from the drains. These mean that your workplace requires emergency drain clearance. Blockages are often caused by a build-up of oils, greases, fats, soap residues, silt, dirt, leaves, and possible foreign objects in the infrastructure of your drainage. They should be dealt with as soon as possible.

Blocked drains are quite common, especially in places where the facilities are put under a lot of pressure. Experienced professional plumbers can easily address these cases in no time at all. The important thing to do on your part is to call right away for immediate service in order to prevent any more unpleasantness from occurring. A quick solution will also prevent the situation from worsening to the point of bearing a major implication on your business’s operations.