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Fix A Blocked Sewer In Melbourne

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Fix A Blocked Sewer In Melbourne

Nothing ruins a perfectly good day quite like a blocked sewer. The smell, the sight, when raw sewage gets on your lawn—these will mean more than an inconvenienced day. In the long run, prevention is better than paying for the cost of a blocked sewer repair.

Don’t wait at the last minute to have your sewers checked. Doing so will equate to a more costly repair. Plus there is the risk of being put out of your home while clean up begins.

Know the Signs of a Blocked Sewer

A blocked sewer in Melbourne does not simply happen in an instant. There are signs that reveal impending trouble for your plumbing. These signs include the following:

  • A distinctly bad smell comes up from the drain;
  • Water begins to pool around the floor drain;
  • The bath and sinks are not draining water fast enough;
  • You will hear gurgling sounds after letting water down the drain or after flushing the toilet, and
  • The water level in the toilet bowl rises or gets too low.

Among these signs, the slow drain is the best and perhaps earliest indicator to call your Melbourne plumber. When you resolve the minor plumbing issue immediately, you will avoid disastrous outcomes with your sewer.

Sewer Blockage Prevention is Good — But Not Always a Guarantee

Ideally, you want to prevent the sewer from being blocked. This you can do by not flushing what shouldn’t get flushed down the toilet. According to Sydney Water, 500 tonnes of wet wipes are taken out of sewers annually; 75 percent of sewer blockages occur because of these products.

Other items you should not flush down your toilets are cotton buds, sanitary products, and your dead pet fish.

You can also prevent blockage by placing strainers or guards on the drains in your bath or sinks.

While preventive measures do keep your sewers clear, certain conditions may still create blocks. The sewer pipes might collapse due to old age. Ground movement could occur. Tree root intrusion could also lead to sewer blockage.

Your Plumber at Work

blocked sewer melbourneOnce you call your plumber to fix the blockage, an assessment is performed. The plumber needs to determine if the problem is under or within your house. Your plumber may look under the drain inspection cover.

If the inspection pit doesn’t contain water or any substances, the blockage is in the pipes within or under your property. If it’s full, then the blockage is much further in the sewer pipes.

Your plumber will have advanced equipment to locate and confirm the blockage. The licensed tradesman will also have the appropriate training and experience to apply the right solution.