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The Solution To Noisy & Banging Pipes

banging pipes melbourneYou have recently purchased a new dishwasher or washing machine and you are excited to try it out. But after you turn on the machine, you hear noises. Noisy pipes are nothing to be afraid of, as our plumbing experts will show you.

If it is your first time to hear such noises, you might be alarmed. However, this issue does not pose any real problem to your home’s plumbing or to your appliances. It can be quite annoying, though.

What exactly is happening with banging pipes? Melbourne plumbers explain this phenomenon.

Also known as water hammers, banging pipes occur every time you open the tap. The sound you hear is similar to the sound of hammers. This is brought about by the water pounding on the pipes.

Every time you turn on the tap, the valves that are found in the pipes open up. This facilitates the flow of the water and prevents blockage. As you close the tap, the valves also close and stop water flow.

Banging pipes usually occur after closing the tap. This action results in the water pipes becoming instantly deprived of air. Remember that air is crucial in providing a cushion to water pressure and ensuring the proper flow of water. The sudden reduction of air results in the inability of the water pipes to control pressure and, consequently, the creation of those annoying sounds you hear.

In some cases, water hammers may be caused by loose pipes. This problem often occurs in older homes where the pipes are more likely to be loose and out of place. These pipes do not have the capacity to control the vibration that comes with the change of pressure of flowing water.

If you hear these noises, your best option would be to call in professional plumbers to check the actual cause and enforce the appropriate solution.

Plumbers will check the source of the noises and will install insulators in the affected pipes. They may also install arresters or pressure reducing valves to prevent both the vibration and noises.

For loose pipes, the plumbers will simply attach these firmly to the wall, allowing these to withstand the pressure. They may also check the pipes for cracks and leaks which contribute to the separation of the pipes.

Although banging pipes do not pose long-term damage to pipework and appliances, you need to call in plumbers to fix the problem for you. This will help prevent the irritating noises you hear so you can do your chores in peace.

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