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Hot Water Installation

Hot water

Without an efficient and reliable hot water system, it can be difficult, if not impossible, to carry out many of the tasks that need to be accomplished each day. A faulty hot water system leads to inefficiencies, health and safety issues, and substantial financial or profit loss.

That’s why, if you’re building or renovating a property, hot water system installation should be among the first considerations you need to think about. Likewise, if a problem occurs in your existing system, then it’s important to act fast and call up specialists in hot water plumbing, Melbourne building services experts say, before the damage becomes too serious and costly to repair.

There’s no way around it: A household or business that runs smoothly needs to have a hot water service that’s running smoothly. And you can only be sure of it if you get the help of trusted experts.

Blue Diamond Hot Water

Investing in professional hot water plumber services offers the following advantages:

Compliance with plumbing codes, work permits and other relevant requirements

Hot water installation can be hazardous work. That’s why a number of legislations and regulations such as the Plumbing Code of Australia and the Drainage Act have been established to serve as a guide and to minimise the risks that come with the job. A qualified, licensed plumber is updated with these guidelines, making sure the job is done properly and that all parties involved are protected from potential dangers.

Avoid costly, premature problems

If you need to have a new hot water service installed on your property, it pays to invest in an experienced plumber to do it for you. Many homeowners and business owners make the mistake of thinking that going DIY will help them save money—only to incur additional expenses, inconveniences and delays due to premature issues and the unreliable performance of the system.

Cost efficiency

Installing a durable, high-quality, high-performing hot water system in your home or place of business will require some investment, naturally. But if you work with experienced plumbers, they will have the tools and know-how to engineer a system that allows you to save on costs over the long term. They do this by computing your estimated water consumption and frequency of use, and setting up your system in such a way that the water is heated at off-peak rates.

If you need new hot water plumbing services or you want your existing system repaired or upgraded, call the professionals. Save time, save cash and enjoy the convenience and peace of mind that working with an expert can bring.

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Diamond Plumbing Recommended suppliers
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Susan Fabbro
Susan Fabbro
Rod responded to an emergency burst pipe in our central heating on a weekend and although we had managed a reasonable damage limitation exercise ourselves, he arrived swiftly, was efficient, helpful and importantly resolved the problem until we were able to engage a heating engineer to repair. We would highly recommend Blue Diamond and have no hesitation in using Rod's services again.
Martin Harvey Review on Google
Martin Harvey
I have used Blue Diamond plumbing for the last 15 years for all our plumbing needs. They have been responsive, efficient, do great work and explain everything. I highly recommend Rod and his team.
Trina Lewis Review on Google
Trina Lewis
Always great service and an excellent job. They get to the heart of difficult issues - recently fixed a very complex roof and guttering issue that our builder wasn't able to.  Friendly, reliable. 100% recommended.