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The Future of Plumbing: 7 Trends to Watch Out For

A sparkling clean ceramic rectangular bathroom sink
In highly developed countries, plumbing is given a lot of priority. Not only does it need to be incredibly functional, but it has to be beautiful as well.

It is worth noting, too, that in the last several years, companies that manufacture plumbing products have also paid great attention to meeting the unique requirements of people’s evolving lifestyles. This is why there are huge selections of their products that are energy-efficient, environmentally friendly, and universally convenient.

Therefore, when you visit certain homes and business establishments, you will instantly notice that careful attention has been given to the choice of plumbing fixtures. Taps, shower heads, sinks, and toilets all possess delightful details that are stylish, purposeful, and reflect the special values of the homeowner or the business operations.

If you are building a new home or you want to give your business establishment a makeover, we, at Diamond Plumbing, believe you should keep an eye out for plumbing trends. These trends introduce implements that create a huge impact in terms of “beautility.”

And speaking of plumbing trends, listed below are seven to watch out for:

Plumber conducting water heater maintenance and repair

1. Sensor technology

This is the solution the plumbing industry came up with to prevent the transmission of germs and to make hygiene convenient for everyone.

Sensor technology prevents people from touching plumbing fixtures with their dirty hands. Likewise, it gets plumbing to work automatically so people with mobility issues can go about their hygiene routine more easily.

Sensor technology is now applied to toilets, taps, hand dryers, and soap dispensers.

2. Heated toilet seats with an electronic bidet and self-opening lid

This trend is actually an old one – in Japan. Over 80 per cent of households in Japan have toilets with such features, but the rest of the world – Australia included – still has a lot of catching up to do.

These toilets are the pinnacle of comfort, convenience, and hygiene in the bathroom. They do cost quite a bit of money (anything that does so much for you tends to be) but they are absolutely worthy investments especially for hospitality businesses such as hotels, resorts, shopping complexes, and restaurants.

Some of these toilets have more added features such as automatic foam dispensers to muzzle the sound of toilet use and prevent splash back, and music that plays the moment you sit down.

3. Water-saving taps and shower heads

With drought being a global issue, plumbing products that save water are quite in demand. Low water flow taps and shower heads are among such products. They release a small amount of water with strong pressure to maintain their cleaning power.

These taps and showerheads are perfect for residences and commercial establishments that are committed to preventing water wastage.

4. Unique sink designs

Unexpected designs for sinks are all the rage these days. They add beauty to kitchens and bathrooms, making trivial activities such as washing the hands or cleaning ingredients a more enjoyable experience.

There’s no shortage of extraordinary sink designs to choose from. You have everything from minimalist transparent wash basins to faucet-less ones, integrated chopping boards sinks, and many more.

If you want your bathrooms and kitchen to impress, keep an eye out for quirky sink designs that can fit into those rooms.

5. WiFi-integrated plumbing systems

If you are building a smart home, you can now tap into the power of the Internet to manage household responsibilities that require water.

For example, there are new sprinkler systems that make use of the household’s WiFi connection to generate weather forecasts. This allows the sprinkler system controller to adjust automatically and ensure the right “amount” of water to be released, as well as when to water the lawn according to the weather information generated.

If you want lawn care to be easier, our property maintenance plumbers believe this WiFi-integrated system is certainly worth checking out.

6. Health-checking toilet

This is another Japanese innovation that’s gaining popularity across the globe. This plumbing fixture was created to cater more effectively to the ageing population of the country. However, it is deemed a smart solution for any household that has a sick or ageing family member as well as care facilities for the elderly.

What this toilet does is it uses sensor technology to measure the glucose level of the user. The toilet deploys the “checking” feature when a person uses the facility, and it can help determine his or her risk for diabetes, as well as aid in the health maintenance of those who already have the disease.

7. Contemporary tap designs

Rose gold, matte black, marble, stacked stone tap designs are all trendy and they fit the modern aesthetics that a lot of people have.

They are on the pricier side but they provide the advantage of actually boosting the market value of the property. But, more importantly, they are functional plumbing products that are lovely to look at.

There you have it, seven plumbing trends that are ready to sweep the world.

If you wish to integrate any of them into your home or business establishment, our bathroom and kitchen plumbers are perfect for the job.

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