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Inspecting Water and Gas Connection – Melbourne Pros Share Tips

water and gas connection melbourneA home’s gas water system is one of the most used components of the plumbing system. It is also one of the most ignored. Failure to check the gas and water mains connection, Melbourne property owners ought to know, can lead to a wide variety of problems related to safety and performance of the system.

When it comes to checking the water and gas connection, Melbourne professional plumbers have listed a few important steps and tips.

One of the first things that you need to make sure of is that the water heater tank is located in the right place. The best location for a water heater’s tank is an open space with at least 76 cm of working clearance in the front.

Water heaters should not be placed inside a bedroom, bathroom or closet, even if these are no longer occupied. If the water heater is going to be placed in the garage, it is important to consult with the authorities first and to enforce safety measures, like the installation of crash barriers.

Once the tank has been installed, it is important to periodically check it for signs of corrosion. Corrosion of the tank may arise due to either a leak inside or the high moisture level in its location.

Check for blackened areas near the burner. More often than not, this is a sign that the water heater is not burning fuel properly.

Using a combustible gas leak detector, check your water heater for signs of gas leaks. To perform this test, you need to turn the gas valve a little bit in order to make sure that it is not in the Off position. Do not turn the valve all the way as this will shut the pilot light off. After switching the gas to Off, conduct a visual inspection.

Make sure that the draft hood is positioned securely and that the vent stack has the proper rise.

Next, open a nearby tap to test the heater’s burner. This will allow you to test the burner without altering the control, and check the plumbing drain as well.

After turning on the heater, look for signs of back drafting. The exhaust should move through the exhaust stack. Perform the draft test with the furnace turned on and off.

Check the temperature of the pipes. Those labelled hot and cold should have the right temperature. If these pipes are reversed, the water heater will not perform optimally.