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6 Smart Money-Saving Plumbing Fixes

It’s every responsible homeowner’s goal to reduce household expenses. In today’s unpredictable economy, looking for ways to cut back on costs remains to be a wise way to stay financially afloat.

Your home presents plenty of opportunities to save money. If you wish to cut back on energy costs, for instance, you can start replacing your fluorescent lights with LED ones. Another area of your household where you can lower your expenses significantly is your plumbing.

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6 Smart Money-Saving Plumbing FixesNot many homeowners are aware that inconsistent practices and their choice of plumbing fixtures can cause them a considerable amount of money. Therefore, to work against this, here are our tried and true tips on saving money on plumbing.

1. Take care of leaks right away.

Most people tend to put off plumbing leak repairs for a long time. They only call in a plumber to replace broken pipes or leaky taps and showerheads when their water bill becomes unmanageable, or if there’s a sense of real urgency or danger present (as with gas leaks).

The immediate repair of leaks can save you a lot of money. Firstly, you get to avoid water wastage. And, secondly, you can avoid the higher cost of bigger damage later on such as pipe replacement or repiping.

2. Have your pipelines maintained regularly.

Pipes, even with their highly durable material, are quite prone to damage because they come in contact with different substances and often varying water pressures. Make sure to call in expert plumbing maintenance services for the regular inspection of your pipe network to ensure material and structural integrity.

Catching cracks and other small damages, and repairing them right away can extend the functional lifespan of your pipes. You won’t need to upgrade, which would require a bigger budget for a much longer time.

3. Upgrade your toilet.

The newer toilet designs available on the market offer better performance in terms of water economy, as well as functional range. You can replace your old toilets with these much better models if you have the budget.

You may want to consider installing Japanese toilets with a built-in sink for handwashing and recycle water from the sink as flush-water. This product of Japanese ingenuity is a wonderful plumbing fixture to consider if you are not just into water-economy but environmental responsibility as well.

The upgrade may cost you some, but you can recoup the cost of this investment easily through your water savings. Also, factor in the convenience and other pleasurable benefits of having a high-tech toilet to establish how the upgrade is truly worth the cost.

smart plumbing fixtures4. Have smart plumbing fixtures installed.

The market offers a wealth of water-saving plumbing fixtures. You have showerheads that do not release as much water as regular ones, but whose pressure is strong to ensure sufficient cleaning power. There are taps that offer the same functionality.

Consider a solar-powered heater as well, since water heaters use up a lot of energy. Regular electrically powered water heaters do not only require a considerable amount of energy per use, but they also lose energy even when not being used. You can avoid this energy wastage by opting for a solar water heater.

You should also consider switching to plumbing fixtures that come with sensor technology. Sensor technology is the most effective in reducing water consumption because it effectively controls water use.

5. Tune up plumbing appliances as well.

Quite often, when plumbing appliances are not properly maintained, their functionality gets compromised. Not only do they become prone to costly damages, but they also use up more energy and water, as well as become potential safety hazards.

The plumbing appliances that you should get routinely checked are your washing machines and dryers, and dishwashers. The washing machine and dryer, especially, should be checked regularly. They can collect a lot of lint, which can catch fire easily and turn into a fire hazard.

6. Have your water meter inspected.

It’s essential to have your water meter inspected by a professional regularly to see if you are being billed correctly for your actual water consumption. If you find your bill unreasonably high, perhaps there’s a problem with your home plumbing that you are not aware of.

You then can have a plumber come to thoroughly examine your plumbing network and find out the possible reasons for the high reading.

You can depend on Diamond Plumbing

Indeed, maintaining a home is a big responsibility. So, hopefully, the tips we have shared here will help you keep household costs under control.

As South Melbourne’s most trusted plumbing professionals, Blue Diamond Plumbing is there to help residents and commercial establishments with all their plumbing concerns. So, if you need to make some plumbing changes at home to save on household expenses, we’re the best experts in Melbourne for the job.

Give us a call whenever you want — our services are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We are just around the corner from Middle Park & Albert Park, servicing the bay-side suburbs.

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