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Toilet Plumbing Solutions For Running Toilets

Running toilets are some of the most inconvenient bathroom plumbing issues plaguing homeowners. One of the very last things that any homeowner would want to hear in the middle of the night is the sound of leaking water.

Rather than blissfully slipping into deep sleep, you are kept awake by the constant drip, drip, drip coming from the bathroom. And not only does the sound irritate and bother you, but you are also kept awake late into the night thinking about all the water that is being wasted inside your home—and all the dollars being added to your water bills.

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Another thing that would cause headaches for homeowners is the source of the said issue. A dripping tap in the kitchen sink or outside by the lawn is one thing; it’s an entirely different thing when you discover that your toilet seems to be constantly running. It can be a cause for alarm: What if this issue spirals into a major toilet plumbing problem, and the entire toilet will need repair and won’t be usable for days?

Some people can be queasy about the thought of their toilet going out of commission. After all, this bathroom feature helps take care of important bodily functions, and the thought of these being disrupted is enough to set anyone on edge—especially if it could potentially wreak havoc on everyday routines at work or school.

A repair issue

What could be causing your toilet to run continuously? According to experienced bathroom and kitchen plumbers (Melbourne), the culprit could be a broken seal.

There is a valve (the inlet valve) that lets water flow into the toilet bowl; when this valve’s seal is broken, a running toilet is the result. The seal may have been broken by a worn chain or ball cock. The solution would be to replace the entire inlet valve and to put in a new valve washer. If there are any other parts that affect the inlet valve’s function, then these may need total replacement as well.

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Why is promptness a must?

Wasted water shouldn’t be the only concern you keep in mind when you discover a running toilet. Your family’s health is also at risk. When a toilet is constantly running, the germs from the toilet are then continuously being released into the indoor air, which the entire household is exposed to. And because the running toilet maintains a moist environment, it’s no surprise that moulds can begin to grow in the area.

When should you call the experts in toilet plumbing (Melbourne)?

One way to make sure that your toilet is indeed running is to place a few drops of food colouring into the cistern. If the colouring appears in the water in the bowl after a few minutes, that’s a sure sign of a running toilet.

It may appear to be easy to replace inlet valves, but always remember that licensed and qualified bathroom plumbers (Melbourne) are the only people who should be addressing this issue. The parts may be easy enough to fix, but professional plumbers have the skills and knowledge for keeping the quality of your household’s water supply at the right levels. With experts getting the job done in your bathroom, your toilet is sure to be in great working condition in no time at all—and you’ll be able to get back to your regular routine.

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Ronan Morel
This was not an urgent repair, but made the effort to come as early as feasible. Very professional and explained clearly what was the issue (valve mixing hot and cold water that was due for a change due to old age) and why this occurred. Definitely will be on my good list.
Chris Bramley
Great guys to deal with. Would highly recommend. Used for drain unblocking.
The issue was explained clearly to me and how to prevent it from happening again.
Got good vibes from the beginning.
Will McDonald
Very impressed with the professional same day service I received from Blue Diamond Plumbing.  They did a great job fixing the problem and I highly recommend.  Also great to learn that all of their team were fully vaccinated.
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