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Renovating or Fixing Your Laundry? Plumbers (Melbourne) With 30 Years of Experience Offer the Best Advice

Doing laundry is one of the most important chores around the house, although admittedly, it’s not something that people are always looking forward to tackling. Whether you live on your own, with a partner, or with a growing family, there’s simply no escaping this task. Attempt to neglect it long enough, and soon you’ll be unable to find fresh, clean clothes in your closet—and guiltily ignoring the growing mountain of dirty clothes in one corner of your room.

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Renovating or Fixing Your Laundry

In need of repair or replacement?

If your home’s laundry area is in need of fixing, or if you’re planning a renovation to improve usage of the space, there’s a group of professionals that simply cannot be left out of your project: long-established laundry plumbers (Melbourne). And by long-established, we mean plumbers with 30 years (and counting) of experience.

Why hire only the most experienced plumbers?

Seasoned plumbers will:

Know what features typically go into a laundry space. Aside from the washer and dryer, your trusted plumber will know that a laundry trough (also known as a basin or sink) is also necessary in a proper laundry area, as well as adequate plumbing for the appliances. Plumbing experts will recommend that all appliances and plumbing be kept together in a single wall to save space and maximise the layout.

Laundry Melbourne Plumbing

Know the best place in the property to set up the laundry room. Plumbers can advise property owners to put laundry rooms near the house’s back door as this makes taking the washing out to the line much easier. Of course, if there are more convenient spots for the room, these can be considered as well (cooler parts of the house are often selected).

Generally, though, laundry rooms should be kept close to the hot water system, bathroom or kitchen, which all require substantial plumbing.

Understand how most homeowners will incorporate their laundry rooms with their bathrooms. Houses in Australia typically have plenty of space for a dedicated laundry room, but some homeowners will prefer to combine it with the bathroom since it makes sense in terms if plumbing functionality.

You may dislike, or enjoy, the task of washing and drying clothes for the entire household, but there’s no denying the fact that a laundry room is an essential component of any comfortable home. With a seasoned team of plumbers providing their professional insight, you can rest assured that your laundry room can be fixed or renovated in a manner that maximises function, efficiency, and flow.

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Ronan Morel
This was not an urgent repair, but made the effort to come as early as feasible. Very professional and explained clearly what was the issue (valve mixing hot and cold water that was due for a change due to old age) and why this occurred. Definitely will be on my good list.
Chris Bramley
Great guys to deal with. Would highly recommend. Used for drain unblocking.
The issue was explained clearly to me and how to prevent it from happening again.
Got good vibes from the beginning.
Will McDonald
Very impressed with the professional same day service I received from Blue Diamond Plumbing.  They did a great job fixing the problem and I highly recommend.  Also great to learn that all of their team were fully vaccinated.
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