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Sinks are essential fixtures in bathrooms and toilets. For many people, seeing one sink means seeing them all—the prevailing sentiment is that there can’t possibly be too many distinctions among all the sinks they’ve seen in both residential and public bathrooms and powder rooms throughout their lifetime.

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On the contrary, according to industry experts, careful thought must be put into your choice of sink. Plumber (Melbourne) insights can help you understand that there are actually eight different kinds of sinks, and that each one would be suited to different bathrooms or toilets, depending on the owners’ or users’ unique needs.

So if choosing a new sink for your existing bathroom or toilet is your current task, you can’t simply pick one based on the style you want—function must also be a significant consideration. And your trusted local plumbing experts can help find the best sink for your particular situation—and have it properly and efficiently installed without excessive costs.

wall-mounted sink Melbourne installation

Ecco gli otto tipi di lavelli tra cui puoi scegliere:

The wall-mounted sink, as its name suggests, is installed directly onto the wall. It does not rest on countertops, nor does it come with a built-in storage space underneath.

Choose this if bathroom space is limited and you’re aiming for a minimalist, streamlined look.

The pedestal sink is a popular wall-mounted type wherein the waste pipe goes straight through the floor.

Choose this if you prefer a more classical theme for the bathroom and if you don’t require storage space to be built into it.

top-mount sink (also known as a drop-in sink) sits right on top of the counter. Its rim is clearly visible above the counter.

Choose this if you want a sink that goes well with any countertop material and is inexpensive to install.

An undermount sink, as opposed to the top-mount sink, has rims that are fixed to the countertop’s underside, meaning it is less visible and thus provides a more seamless look to the countertop.

Choose this if you don’t mind paying a little extra for a solid-surface countertop (which is the only kind suitable for this sink), if it means that your little kids and other family members can easily wipe spills into the sink for easy cleanup.

vessel sink is basically a large bowl that sits entirely above the countertop. This sink is deep and can hold plenty of water.

Choose this if you want to create a visual statement in your bathroom and if users won’t find the added height of the sink uncomfortable.

A semi-recessed sink is installed in front of the countertop and cabinets on which it rests.

Choose this if your toilet or bathroom has limited space but you would still like to have some storage. It’s also ideal for use by people with limited mobility because the sink helps users stand closer and reach the taps better.

An all-in-one sink and countertop is a feature wherein the sink is essentially molded as part of the entire countertop.

Choose this if you need a sink that can be purchased off the shelf, you don’t have time to have a custom sink made, you want easier cleanup, and you don’t need much countertop space for your toiletries.

washplane sink is a simple porcelain, ceramic or glass sink mounted on the wall beneath the tap. A stainless steel tray or trough is installed under the sink to catch the water from the drain.

Choose this if you need nothing more than a sink for a powder room where people can wash their hands.

It’s best to get professional advice from plumbing specialists so you can be sure to pick the right sink for your space, your intended purpose, and your budget.

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