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Emergency Plumbing Service In Melbourne CBD – Test Map

Trusted Local Emergency Plumber in Melbourne CBD

Blue Diamond Plumbing provides emergency plumbing services 24 hours a day. Located in South Melbourne, we can be in the Melbourne CBD area within minutes of your call.

Don’t let a plumbing emergency spoil your day in one of the world’s most liveable cities. As one of Melbourne’s premier plumbing companies, we provide a level of service at par with the energy, sophistication and diversity of Melbourne city living. With over 30 years experience serving the inner city and bayside suburbs of Melbourne, you can’t go wrong.

Blue Diamond Plumbing is fast, reliable and tidy. We use and recommend high quality products and materials (Australian made where possible) and thoroughly clean up at the conclusion of each job.

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Houston, we have a problem!

Melbourne inner city and bayside living is busy and loads of fun. With work, family, sport and social commitments, it’s tempting to wait for a more convenient time to deal with that dripping tap, strange noise or unpleasant odour coming from the pipes.

Don’t miss the early warning signs! Blue Diamond Plumbing has put together this list of 10 Early Warning Signs that all is not well with the plumbing in your home or office. Remember: the sooner you call the plumber, the less damage will be caused. 

Call Blue Diamond Plumbing at 03 9636 0156 (landline) or 0418 831 313 (mobile).

We will respond immediately to your call, investigate the problem, and minimise the damage, costs and risks associated with plumbing emergencies.

10 Early Warning Signs of a Plumbing Emergency

  1. Water leaking from tapware – requires pressure testing, servicing or replacement.
  2. Water pipes banging – indicates loose pipes, valve replacement required, or water pressure too high.
  3. Water stain forming on a ceiling – indicates a leak from the roof, gutters or upstairs bathroom.
  4. Sink leaking into cupboards and underbench – indicates a possible connector burst.
  5. Lack of hot water or dampness around a hot water service, indicates a possible unit burst or pipe leak or valve replacement required.
  6. Gurgling toilet or drains, smells – indicates venting problems or more likely sewerage pipe blockage.
  7. Puddles forming outside or sodden patch of garden – could indicate a leaking water pipe or stormwater problem.
  8. Sewage spilling from outdoor grates – indicates a blocked sewer pipe possibly from tree roots or a foreign object.
  9. Gas appliances not operating correctly – appliances require regular checks and servicing. 
  10. Gas smell around pipework or fixtures – gas leak requires immediate attention.

Property Maintenance, Repairs & Renovations

Blue Diamond Plumbing specialises in Emergency PlumbingProperty Maintenance and Repairs and Renovations for homes and small business in Melbourne’s inner city and bayside suburbs.

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