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Things Your Household Can Do to Prevent a Blocked Drain in Melbourne

blocked drain melbourneA house’s plumbing system may be completely hidden from view, but it’s never a smart move to become forgetful of its maintenance requirements just because it’s out of sight.

A family can go from blissfully going about its daily routine to frantically trying to solve their shower, toilet and sink problems just like that — all because of habits that prevent the plumbing from functioning properly.

Down the drain

One of the top plumbing issues that Australian homeowners face is a blocked drain. Melbourne residents, just like all other locals, are always being reminded by their trusted plumbing experts to observe proper practices at home that would help keep their plumbing running in top condition.

Unfortunately, people tend to forget to make an effort to do what’s right for their pipes and fixtures, and instead to do what is convenient to them — and this seemingly trivial oversight can mean that they’ll be waking up to a nasty surprise in the bathroom or kitchen in the morning.

What can homeowners do to prevent a blocked drain? Here are the industry experts’ top recommendations:

Hold the oil

This may be the most common action that can put a home’s plumbing in jeopardy. Because oil is liquid, most people believe that they can simply pour it down the drain when they need to dispose of it. However, oils, fat and lard have no place down the drain since they aren’t always in liquid form — once they cool down, they solidify, and this can create a sticky blockage in your pipes.

For oil and other viscous liquids, the correct disposal method is to put them in a container, like a tin can, which can then be properly thrown away.

Be mindful of the size of food scraps

Similarly, people have grown accustomed to tossing the scraps of food left over from their meals down the plughole because there is a garbage shredding device installed. However, that doesn’t mean that you can throw absolutely anything into it.

The device is designed to shred only small and soft objects; if you force fruit pits and peels, chicken or pork bones, and large and hard vegetable pieces, the device will not be able to shred them into smaller pieces. Instead, they will only get pushed a little down the plughole, and will eventually get stuck and create an obstruction.

Exercise tight supervision of small children in the bathroom

When little kids use the bathroom to bathe or use the toilet, they often have their toys in tow. If you fail to pay enough attention to the young ones, one of those toys could be flushed in an instant, and it may not go all the way through. Although it happens a lot, it’s best to keep an eye on all the toys brought into the bathroom by the kids so that none of them can cause the toilet to overflow one morning.

A blocked drain can easily be prevented if a household can stay mindful of things that they should and shouldn’t do around their plumbing. If the drain does act up one day, though, your best move would be to call the professionals immediately.