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Signs You Need a Sewerage Plumber in Melbourne

Do you suspect that you have a problem with your sewer line? You best get right on that. A damaged sewer can cost you thousands of dollars in repairs. You’d be lucky if the tubes are the only repairs you’ll have to deal with. If a sewer line is busted, there’s a good chance that the problem would have also affected your floors, furniture, wiring and such. Not only is it a huge, unwelcome expense, it could also be a health and safety hazard.

You don’t want major trouble with your sewerage, so you best learn the different signs of problematic drains. What are the usual tells that signify you need to call a sewerage plumber in Melbourne?

Your sewer line is deteriorating or actually damaged if:

  • You have a blockage. Do you experience a backup every time you flush the toilet or run water down the sink or tub? This means that something is blocking the line so the air has a tough time escaping from your sewer system.
  • You smell sewer gas. A sound sewer system is airtight everywhere, except for the vent stack. If there seems to be a foul odour seeping out from somewhere in your house, there’s probably a crack in your sewer system.
  • You detect mould. Mould is caused by highly humid conditions. If your sewer line is cracked somewhere behind a wall, it would lead to the breeding of mould.
  • Your toilet bowl’s water levels fluctuate. Your toilet’s water levels have to be steady. Once they start varying, something in your pipes is malfunctioning and you can expect overflowing
  • There are puddles in your yard. If your yard has damp areas or actual water pooling in them, there is something wrong with the sewer drains right below them. If the grass is greener and lusher in certain areas, this could also be an indication of a leaky pipe.
  • There are cracks and even sinkholes around your property. Damaged sewers could really mess with your foundation, so if there are cracks in your floors or sinkholes in the ground, your sewer line could very well be the culprit.
  • You’re dealing with a pest problem. Rodents and bugs, especially rats and roaches could be finding an entry point in the broken pipes running behind your walls. It could certainly lead to a serious infestation.

As you can see, a problematic sewer system cannot and should not be ignored. At the merest hint of trouble, get the best sewerage plumber in Melbourne to provide a solution.