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What to Do in Case of Blocked Toilets – Melbourne

Blocked ToiletCan you imagine doing away with the basic comfort and convenience of a toilet with a flush? Without a doubt, it’s one of the essential facilities in your home that you pray will never break down.

Unfortunately, toilets aren’t indestructible, and you don’t even need a sledgehammer to destroy them; at times, all it takes is an unsupervised two-year-old with an innocent roll of toilet paper.

Some of the biggest hassles you’ll encounter in life are blocked toilets. Melbourne homeowners are lucky if they never have to deal with such a problem, but rare is the bathroom that is spared. When it comes to the issue of blocked toilets, Melbourne shared houses will find that it’s even more embarrassing in their case.

Understandably, you dread having anybody other than your plumber know about it, but in a shared residence, you can’t hide this kind of problem because it impacts the others, too. In that case, you do what you can to stop a blockage from ever occurring and be as proactive as possible. This means taking care never to drop anything into the toilet that could cause blockage and issuing frequent reminders to the entire household to be just as careful.

On the occasion that you find yourself facing the problem of a blocked toilet, what are you supposed to do? Even if you could stomach the task, you still best leave it to your plumber. Do not be tempted to wield that plunger around. Stay away from the chemicals, too. If you don’t know what you’re doing, you can end up making the situation worse.

The most that you can do really is to call the plumber right away. While waiting to be serviced, you can direct housemates away from that toilet and make sure that it doesn’t get flushed. That’s the first thing you should learn about blocked toilets: Don’t flush. This is important since the usual instinct is to keep on flushing if the toilet won’t flush properly. This could lead to your toilet overflowing, which could be a real disaster.

In case you have this inkling that pouring some chemical drain cleaner will help, again, curb the impulse to try and fix it yourself. Chemicals can be dangerous and harmful, so it’s best to just lock up that particular bathroom until your plumber arrives.

Entrusting the welfare of your toilet to a trained and experienced expert is the only acceptable option, especially in the case of recurring blockages, which may be caused by a problem further and deeper down the drain. A plumber has the knowledge, skills, and tools for solving your problem and preventing it from happening again in the future.