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Why You Need Air Conditioning Plumbers In Melbourne

Melbourne summers can get unbearably hot and the winters chilling cold. Compared to Sydney, Melbourne experiences a big variation throughout the year, from 40+ degrees in summer down to below 0 in winter. This is why airconditioning installation in Melbourne becomes in demand.

It’s these extreme temperatures that are the reason why Melbourne households use up to 40% of their electricity bills on heating and cooling. Reverse-Cycle split systems are popular, but installing them the wrong way can have big consequences.

Where Should You Install Your AC?

A highly efficient air conditioner depends not just on the unit itself but on where you install it. If you want your air conditioner to work efficiently, you need to know where to place it.

The Costs Of Incorrect AC Positioning

Where you install your unit has a great impact on energy efficiency. If incorrectly positioned, it will force your air conditioner to work harder than it should which could shorten its lifespan and spike up your electricity bill.

It isn’t a guessing game or a matter of aesthetics. Trained professionals know where the unit needs to be positioned so it can effectively cool your home without making the unit work overtime.

Do You Have The Right Tools?

Take a look in your garage and go over the tools that you have in there. Do you have the tools necessary to install your air conditioner? If you are not a trained professional, you most likely don’t have all the needed tools.

If you decide to purchase additional tools—tools you are not familiar with—you are endangering not just your budget, but also the air conditioning unit which you might damage.

DIY Air Con Installation Is Dangerous

AC units are electrical appliances that must be handled carefully. If you don’t have experience in doing wiring, the chance of getting hurt due to electric shock is likely.

And the danger isn’t confined during the installation of the unit. Electric shock can also happen after the AC has been installed if it has not been set up the right way from the start.

Warranty Issues

Most HVAC units and systems have a manufacturer’s warranty. This is your assurance (and their guarantee) that the product is built to last for years. However, the warranty could be voided if you don’t have the air conditioner installed by a professional.

Leave It To The Experts

Cost-cutting is the primary reason why people want to do it themselves on most projects. In some ways, it is practical and fulfilling. In other cases like AC installation, it isn’t practical.
It’s a technical job that requires a specific skill. Given all the risks above, you might end up spending more instead of saving a couple of extra dollars if you install your own ac unit. This is one task you should reserve to professional air conditioning plumbers in Melbourne.