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Shopping for a New Toilet: Pro Plumbers Share 5 Factors to Consider

New toilet in white and cream themed bathroom
Ideally, your toilet should last for a lifetime. However, there are certain instances wherein you may need to replace it.

Swap your old one for a new one when it seems to need constant repair. When you frequently call in an emergency plumber for repairs, buying a new toilet can be the cheaper option.

Another sign that you need a replacement toilet is when your current toilet is continuously blocked. Older models of toilets are prone to blockages, and this can be frustrating to owners.

Consider getting a new toilet if you notice scratches and cracks on the toilet. Apart from being unsightly, scratches can harbour bacteria. Cracks in the porcelain, on the other hand, can cause leaks. Over time, the crack can become more prominent and cause the complete breakage of the toilet.

Finally, you might want to get a new toilet if you want to minimise your consumption of water. Low-flush toilets require less water and are better for the environment. Plus, with lower water consumption, you can save more money over the long term.

Newly installed toilet unit

Factors to consider when shopping for a toilet

For many people, shopping for a new toilet can be a confusing experience. After all, how often are you given the opportunity to visit a showroom to look at all the available choices?

In order to help you simplify matters, we have listed the following critical factors that you need to consider when shopping for a new toilet to replace your current one.

Types of flush

Before you look into each of these factors, it is also worthwhile to know the types of toilets that are available in the market.

Broadly speaking, toilets fall under two categories: gravity-feed and pressure-assisted toilets.

Between the two, gravity-feed toilets are more common. These toilets are equipped with flush valves that enable them to take advantage of gravity to move waste. Compared to pressure-assisted toilets, gravity-feed toilets are quieter.

Pressure-assisted toilets may be noisier between the two types of toilets, but they compensate this drawback by using less water and are less likely to get blocked. However, these cost more and require a certain amount of water pressure to function efficiently.

Size of flange opening

The bigger the flange size opening of the toilet, the quicker it can move waste down the sewer system. The flange is composed of two parts, the one that is bolted on the floor and a pipe which is connected to the sewer line.


There are plenty of materials used in the production of toilets. But if there is one crucial factor that you shouldn’t overlook — the porcelain grade. The higher the porcelain grade of a toilet, the sturdier it is. Additionally, toilets with high porcelain grades are less prone to leaking and cracking.

Brass bolt quality

A toilet is fixed to the bathroom floor with brass bolts and double nuts. The better the quality of the hardware, the less likely will the nuts and bolts corrode. Furthermore, good quality bolts provide stability to the toilet.


The close-coupled style is probably the one you are more familiar with. This toilet is composed of a pan and a cistern. The cistern can be found mounted on the pan. Close-coupled toilets can come with either dual-flush buttons or lever handles.

Among the different styles of toilets, close-coupled toilets are easy to install and come in a diverse array of designs.

If you are eyeing a toilet that matches the minimalist design of your bathroom, consider a back-to-wall toilet. This modern-looking toilet has a cistern that is hidden either behind a wall or a piece of furniture. It is relatively easy to install and gives your bathroom a clean, sleek look.

Wall-mounted toilets can give your bathroom the illusion of more available space because these are mounted to the wall instead of the floor. Like back-to-wall toilets, wall-mounted toilets have cisterns that are hidden in either the wall or behind a piece of furniture.

Also known as fully-enclosed toilets, closed-back toilets provide a clean look to a bathroom by covering the pipes. Apart from that, these toilets can help save space and are easy to clean.

Comfort height toilets are taller than other types of toilets, making them ideal for households which have taller members or sick and older adults.

Time for a new toilet

With a broken toilet, the repairs and associated costs can pile up. Plus, you have to deal with the typical hassles involved. Weigh your available options. If the toilet needs to be repaired on an almost-regular basis, you are only delaying the inevitable – you need to buy a new one.

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