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Designing a Bathroom: 6 Tips From the Experts

A bright and luxurious bathroom
Did you know that you are most likely to spend approximately 1.5 years of your life in your bathroom? It is where you usually start and finish each day. Once you wake up, you head straight to this room to use the toilet, sink, and shower to get ready for the day. And before you go to bed at night, this is also where you will be spending your time removing your makeup, washing up and taking care of all your hygiene needs before settling in to rest.

Without a doubt, your bathroom is an important part of your home.

As such, your bathroom should be an oasis where you can comfortably relax and freshen up after a long, hectic day. It is an area in your home where you can have your “me” time. And how you design it has a huge impact when it comes to achieving this kind of ambiance.

So if you are planning to undertake bathroom renovations in Melbourne, you must be meticulous regarding the choice of features and fittings to integrate into the space so you can get the most beautiful, functional, and comfortable outcome.

To help you design your bathroom, here are six pro tips you must consider.

A toddler washing hands in an elegant bathroom sink

1. Light it well

Proper lighting is crucial because this sets the mood in any space. In a bathroom, using warm lights will help soften the room’s appearance, considering the fact that it contains cold materials like tile and marble. Furthermore, use light hues to brighten up the area and even make it appear more spacious.

Incorporating layers of accent, decorative, ambient, and task lighting is also a good idea when it comes to achieving a well-lit space. In fact, this is highly recommended for a big bathroom.

2. Consider the height of the sink

Generally, your countertop should be 61-81 cm (24-32 inches) from the ground. When selecting or constructing a sink, you must take this into consideration. If you want to have an above-counter sink, for instance, you must plan for a lower counter so that the whole family can use it comfortably while brushing teeth and washing hands.

3. Be creative about storage

There has to be a place for your towels, toilet paper and extra toiletries in your bathroom. This is why integrating enough cabinets is a must. This will provide you with hidden, secure spaces for your bathroom essentials. This way, you don’t have to step out of your bathroom in just your towel when you realise that you’ve run out of soap, shampoo or shower gel. Instead, you can just open a cabinet to retrieve a new bottle or bar to use.

But if you can’t add huge, built-in cabinetry due to limited space, a medicine cabinet is a great alternative. This offers the perfect depth for storage, and positioning it above your toilet keeps it out of the way.

4. Use high-end materials

One designer secret every homeowner should know is that splurging on some high-end finishes and materials is a great investment that will make your space look and feel luxurious, considering the fact that bathrooms are often smaller spaces.

So before deciding that your bathroom should feature just the basic materials, search for materials for your flooring and walls that are of higher quality. You will realize that integrating these materials to even just a small space in your bathroom is possible and affordable.

5. Stay away from the usual tub/shower combo

For decades, most homeowners have opted for a tub/shower combination because they are efficient and practical, and they offer the option of taking a quick shower or a long bath. But if you have small children or elderly parents living with you, this design is not a good option for the household as it can increase the risk of injuries. Instead, consider replacing this combination with a separate glass panelled shower and a freestanding tub.

However, if you a bathtub is not likely to used often in your home, then you better think twice about dedicating space in your bathroom for it. INstead, you can opt to have just a shower installed.

6. Keep your plumbing system where it is

Repositioning your tub, sink or anything that involves your plumbing can be costly and time-consuming. So if you want to avoid delays and additional costs, you have to keep your plumbing where it is.

However, there are instances wherein pipe installation and re-routing is necessary. And when you are faced with these situations, you must enlist the help of a professional plumber.

Plumbing specialists here at Blue Diamond Plumbing have the proper knowledge, expertise, and tools to deal with anything that concerns your plumbing system. You can be assured that they will expertly install or re-route your pipes and plumbing fittings for your new bathroom. Best of all, they can maintain your home’s plumbing system to prevent the occurrence of plumbing emergencies.

A bathroom renovation project involves a lot of important things. The options, processes, and decisions can be confusing, but this does not mean that you should not plan and prepare for it. Knowing what to expect and consider will make a huge difference between a luxurious bathroom and an ugly one. And always remember that for any task involving your plumbing system, let our emergency plumbers in Melbourne handle it for the best results.