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The Hazards Of Installing Your Own Air Conditioning

Melbourne summers can get unbearably hot and the winters chilling cold. Compared to Sydney, Melbourne experiences a big variation throughout the year. It swings from 40+ degrees in Summer down to below 0 in Winter. Indeed, famous for it’s ‘4 seasons in a day’ Melbourne also experiences big variations in temperature on most days. It’s […]

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How Plumbing Leaks Help Pests Proliferate

A lot of homeowners don’t know this, but believe it or not, leaks in your plumbing can lead to pest and termite infestation. There are many instances where they actually go hand in hand. They’re also a lot more common than you think. Rodents and bugs Leaks under your house or office, valve leak under […]

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The Link Between Plumbing And Your Health

Antibiotics. Penicillin. Vaccines. We may feel these things have always existed, but they haven’t been around that long. These are advances in medicine we owe scientists from the 19th century—breakthroughs that made our lives easier and life spans longer. But another invention that’s equally important to the health of humanity, but so deeply ingrained in […]

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How Leaky Plumbing Can Be Dangerous To Your Health

Pipe leaks usually start out small. And because they are small, they often go unnoticed. Sometimes, we deliberately put off fixing them because it seems like such a minor thing, especially if we have more pressing matters to attend to—the leak can wait. But can it really? What most people are not aware of is […]

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Of Toilets, Melbourne Plumbers And Other Fun Plumbing Facts

Pipes, toilets, drainage and plumbing in general—no one wants to talk about them. They are important, but they seem too complicated. And besides, it’s not as if you could use it as conversation topic at parties. But you could. Plumbing is not as complicated or as serious as it appears to be. In fact, it […]

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Gas Plumbing (Melbourne): Safety Tips

While you consider your home to be your private, personal space — a sanctuary for you and your family to enjoy — it’s no secret that it requires a number of systems in order to provide the comfort that the whole household enjoys on a daily basis. Think about it — the provision of water […]

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How to Tell If It’s Time for Hot Water Repair (Melbourne)

Hot water is an essential provision for all Australian homes — it is simply something that people cannot do without. Whether you are bathing, washing clothes, or cleaning the house, hot and clean water makes performing these tasks easier, more effective or more comfortable and enjoyable. But as with just about any system, your hot […]

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Things Your Household Can Do to Prevent a Blocked Drain in Melbourne

A house’s plumbing system may be completely hidden from view, but it’s never a smart move to become forgetful of its maintenance requirements just because it’s out of sight. A family can go from blissfully going about its daily routine to frantically trying to solve their shower, toilet and sink problems just like that — […]

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